2007 Completed BMPs

Photo of BMP sediment control basin growth circle.    BMP sed control basin growth2 circle

 Water & Sediment Control Basin - Seeded area has growth.

County                          Watershed                                Best Management Practices                     No. Completed

Cottonwood                 Cottonwood                               Alternative Intake                                                             4

Redwood                     Redwood                                   Grade Stabilization                                                          1

Cottonwood                Cottonwood                               Grassed Waterway                                                          1

Lyon                             Cottonwood                               Grassed Waterway                                                          1

Brown                          Cottonwood                               Sediment Basin                                                                3

Lyon                             Cottonwood                               Sediment Basin                                                                1

Redwood                    Redwood                                   Sediment Basin                                                                1

Brown                          Cottonwood                               Streambank Protection                                                   4

Redwood                    Redwood                                   Streambank Protection                                                   1

Brown                         Cottonwood                                Terraces                                                                          18

Brown                         Cottonwood                                Water Retention Structure                                             1

Lyon                            Cottonwood                                Water Sediment Control Basin                                     6

Murray                        Cottonwood                                Water Sediment Control Basin                                     2

Redwood                  Redwood                                    Water Sediment Control  Basin                                    1

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