2010 Completed BMPs

 Photo of BMP Streambank before construction.   Photo of BMP Streambank After Construction.

 Streambank Protection - before and after.

County                          Watershed                                Best Management Practices                     No. Completed

Lincoln/Area II              Redwood                                   Grade Stabilization                                                        1

Murray                            Cottonwood                              Sediment Basin                                                              3

Redwood                      Redwood                                   Sediment Basin                                                              6

Redwood                      Cottinwood                                Septic System Loan                                                       5

Redwood                      Middle Minnesota                     Septic System Loan                                                      1

Redwood                      Redwood                                   Septic System Loan                                                      2

Redwood                      Upper Minnesota                     Septic System Loan                                                      1

Brown                            Cottonwood                              Water Control Structure                                                1

Lincoln                          Redwood                                   Water Sediment Control Basin                                   3

Redwood                     Redwood                                    Water Sediment Control Basin                                   1


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