BWSR                     Board of Water and Soil Resources
CWC                    Clean Water Council
DNR                        Department of Natural Resources
LCCMR                   Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources
LOHC                    Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council
MDA                        Minnesota Department of Agriculture
MDH                        Minnesota Department of Health
MNDOT                  Minnesota Department of Transportation
MGS                  Minnesota Geological Service
MMB                     Minnesota Office of Management and Budget
MPCA                     Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
ACOE                     Army Corps of Engineers
CFSA                      Consolidated Farm Service Agency
EPA                        Environmental Protection Agency
FEMA                      Federal Emergency Management Agency
FSA                         Farm Service Agency
NRCS                      Natural Resources Conservation Service
RC&D                       Resource Conservation & Development
RECD                      Rural Economic and Community Development
USDA                       United States Department of Agriculture
USF&WS                 United States Fish and Wildlife   Service
USGS                       United States Geological Survey
CAC Citizen Advisory Committee
CHS Community Health Service
JPB Joint Powers Board
LGU Local Government Unit
RDC Regional Development Commission
SWCD Soil & Water Conservation District
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
WD Watershed District
WMO Watershed Management Organization
ADA                        Association of (Watershed) District Administrators
AMC                        Association of Minnesota Counties
AMT                        Association of Minnesota Townships
AMWRAP               Association of Minnesota Water Resources Administrators and Planners
LMC                         League of Minnesota Cities
MACDE                    Minnesota Association of Conservation District Employees
MACPZA                  Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators
MARC&D                 Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development
MASWCD                 Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
MAWD                      Minnesota Association of Soil and Watershed Districts
MOWA                     Minnesota On-site Wastewater Association
OSTP                       On-site Sewage Treatment Program
NACD National Association of Conservation Districts
NWF National Wildlife Federation
SWCS Soil and Water Conservation Society
CLMP/CSMP Citizens Lake Monitoring Program/Citizen Stream Monitoring Program
CLWP Comprehensive Local Water Planning
CREP Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
C-S Cost-Share Program
CWMA Cooperative Weed Management Areas
CWL Clean Water Legacy
CWP Clean Water Partnership
LAP Lake Assessment Program
LWRPMP Local Water Resources Protection and Management Program
NPEA Nonpoint Engineering Assistance
NRBG Natural Resources Block Grant.
PFM Private Forestry Management
PWP Permanent Wetland Preserve
RIM Reinvest in Minnesota
SDS State Disposal System
SLR Streambank , Lakeshore, and Roadside Program
SRF State Revolving Fund
WCA Wetland Conservation Act
ACP Agricultural Conservation Program
CRP Conservation Reserve Program
EQIP Environmental Quality Incentives Program
FDR Flood Damage Reduction
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Act
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
SHI Soil Health Insurance
WBP Water Bank Program
WRP Wetland Reserve Program
SSTS Sub-surface Sewage Treatment Systems
CTI Compound Topographic Index ("Wetness Index")
DEM Digital Elevation Model
GIS Geographical Information System
GPS Geographical Positioning System
HUC Hydrological Unit Code
LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging
MMP Manure Management Plan
NPS Nonpoint Source Pollution,
PWI Public Waters Inventory
SPI Stream Power Index
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load.
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