Annual Canoe Trip

RCRCA sponsors a canoe trip on the Redwood River and the Cottonwood River, normally in mid-June.  There is no cost to sign up. RCRCA has canoes that people may use and you are encouraged to bring you own so that more individuals may enjoy the experience of the river. Please check the Outreach tab for the details of the canoe trip, see the pictures of past trips, maps and the sign up sheet. Click on the side menu for more.

                                         Minnesota Paddler - 2012 Article on RCRCA's Canoe Trip

Annual Legislative Gathering

RCRCA hosts a joint educational event with Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects, INc. to educate county commissioners, soil and water conservation district supervisors and staff, watershed district managers and staff, area legislators, agency representatives and other interested parties on the annual highlights of both organizations. Click on the side menu for more.     

                                         2018 Powerpoint Presentation

                                         2017 Powerpoint Presentation

                                         2016 Powerpoint Presentation

                                         2015 Powerpoint Presentation

                                         2014 Powerpoint Presentation

Highwater Creek - Tire Dump Clean Up - 2021

DO THE RIGHT THING -  Every spring as the snow melts away and the grass begins to green, we all start picking up the unsightly remnants of winter and look forward to the warmer, more enjoyable seasons of Minnesota. Some years there is more remnants than other years.

In the Fall of 2020, 2.04 tons of used vehicle tires were thrown over the side of a bridge into Highwater Creek, a large tributary of the Cottonwood River. This incident occurred about one mile sougheast of Lamberton between sections 25 and 36 of Lamberton Township. 

Upon discovery, the illegal dumping was regported to the Redwood County Sheriff's Office. Approximately 120 tires were retrieved from the water and streambanks by local residents, Kipper Kremin and his sons, Sonny and Fletcher. Matt Arkell joined the effort with a loader and piled the tires upon two hayracks. From there it became a matter of properly disposing of the tires and who would pay that cost.

Lamberton Township sought assistance from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as Highwater Creek is a Public Water. With no disignated funding for cleanup from DNR, Redwood County and the Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority were contacted. Unltimately, the stream of emals came to the Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area (RCRCA). RCRCA was able to provide the funding to dispose of the tires at the Cottonwood Sanitary Landfill that graciously only charged their cost of disposal. Bill Pfarr and Lamberton Township provided the transport of the tires to the facility.  See more..

Highwater Creek Tires 1      Highwater Creek Tires 2


Adopt-A Family   

In 2016 the RCRCA and Area II employees joined up with the Marshall Minnesota Extension employees to Adopt-A-Family that was working with the Women's Rural Advocay Program. The employees purchased gifts for a family to receive for Christmas. We all helped to make someone's Christmas special and let them feel the spirit of christmas.

Adopt A Highway

2021 RCRCA & Area II - St. Matthew Youth Group - Adopt-A-Highway Service Project

 The Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area (RCRCA) and Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects (Area II) proudly sponsor a two-mile stretch of State Highway 19 near Vest to raise the awaremess of improving and protecting our water quality.  RCRCA has been a sponsor for 25 years as part of MNDOT's Adopt-A-Highway project. On April 18th the St. Matthew Youth Group received a total donation of $400 from RCRCA and Area II for their community service to use for their mission work.

St Matthew Lutheran Church Youth Group 1

2020 RCRCA & Area II - St. Matthew Youth Group Adopt-A-Highway Service Project

2020 1010 St Matthews Lutheran Church Youth Group

The Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers control Area (RCRCA) and Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects (Area II) proudly sponsor a two-mile stretch of State Highway 19 near Vesta to raise the awareness of improving and protecting our water quality. RCRCA has been a sponsor for 24 years as part of MNDOT's Adopt-A-Highway program. This stretch is particularly scenic as the Redwood River crosses the highway, however the litter detracts from the beauty of the landscape. To assist our mission of reducing nutrients and sediments from entering the Cottonwood and Redwood Rivers, it is also important to pick up litter to prevent it from polluting our rivers in addition to the road ditches. 

On October 10, 2020, members of the St. Matthew Lutheran Youth Group from Wabasso assisted in the fall cleanup effort.  RCRCA and Area II presented the group with a total donation of $200 for their mission work.

For more information about RCRCA and Area II, please visit their websites: and

Click on the side menu for more.

River Clean Up

RCRCA walked along a couple stretches on the canoe trip route for both the Redwood and Cottonwood Rivers picking up garbage and various items found in or on the shore of the river. Click on the side menu for more.

Southwest MN Environmental Fair - Mid September

RCRCA has a stream table that we bring to the environmental far to demostrate to the students on how the river is constantly changing. Shawn Wohnoutka gives a presentation on what effects our water sources and a little about how we can make the water quality better. Please check out the photo album for the pictures of students learning about our rivers. Click on the side menu for more.

Photo Contest - 2007/2008

We held two Photo Contests to showcase our watershed in it's glory in all of the seasons. I realize that it has been a long time since the contests were held, but I feel that the beauty shown in the pictures is timeless. If you stop in our office you can see a larger version of two pictures that were given to us. Please check out the side menu for our contest winning photos. I truly believe you will enjoy them!

Canoe/Kayak Rental

We have canoes and kayaks that are available to rent to the public so that they may enjoy our rivers and lakes in within the Cottonwood and Redwood watersheds. Please click on the side menu for details.


RCRCA has many resources of environmental curriculum for grades K-12. This material is available for loan to educators within the Redwood and Cottonwood River watersheds.Please click on side menu for details.

Poem Contest

In 1997 RCRCA had a 6th grade poem contest for a poem on the Redwood River. The winning group poem was entitled Our Redwood River, written by the 6th Grade of Redwood Valley Middle School. The poem was written several years ago, but it is still relevant today.


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